A Little Blogging Difficulty

August 11, 2007

I am having a little blogging difficulty. I am at my mom’s for the weekend and I remember that last time I was here that her computer gave me some problems. Well, it is doing it again. I don’t know why but I think the Blogger [Keep Reading]

100th Entry

August 10, 2007

This is the 100th entry of this blog. It feels like a milestone, like a reason to celebrate. Happy 100th entry! Thanks for sharing this with [Keep Reading]


August 9, 2007

It is a day full of arghhhs. First I get into a stupid pointless fight about business long since passed. Then I go online to get some comfort from my blogging friends, to read their blogs, and hopefully relax a bit and ECD’s blog won’t [Keep Reading]

Keep Holding On

August 9, 2007

I don’t know why some people feel that they need to keep holding on to a grudge, or acting vindictively well after the fact. I have been having a problem with a certain person now for quite some time. I have tried to keep it out of my blog though. [Keep Reading]

Tape Runs Out

August 8, 2007

I mourn the loss of the audio cassette. I used to spend hours recording things onto cassette. I remember when my brother and I used to use a tape recorder to make silly commercials and pretend that we were talk radio hosts. It was a lot of fun. I [Keep Reading]

Don’t Have the Time

August 7, 2007

I wish I had some more time to explore the blogosphere but I really have a lot of work to do today. The first thing I do when I sign on to the computer at the library is go to my blog. I update the comments, if any, and then go on to read my [Keep Reading]

Too Too Hot!

August 3, 2007

This heat wave is crushing me. Normally I don’t complain about the weather. After all, there is nothing that we can really do about it. But this hot, sticky, humid, hazy weather we have been having all week needs to go away. I can’t stand this! [Keep Reading]

All is Well

August 2, 2007

When I was filling out the admission form at the hospital I noticed that my surgery was called “umbilical hernia repair.” I thought it strange that we “repair” human beings. It was the first time I have ever heard that word used outside of [Keep Reading]

Not too scary, so I’ve been told.

July 30, 2007

Tomorrow morning I have to go to the hospital for a minor day surgery. Apparently, it is a common surgery where I am basically in and out. Nothing to worry about, so they say. I am not fearful of hospitals per se. The procedure doesn’t really [Keep Reading]

Recommended Reads # 1

July 26, 2007

I enjoy reading and would like to share some of my favourite books with you. This is the first of what I hope is to be several entries under this header. Heartbeat by Sharon Creech This book sounds amazing! It is a verse novel and at first glance it [Keep Reading]
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