WIBRapRadio #409 – Wash Your Hands

April 3, 2020

This is Episode 409 of Word is Bond Rap Radio and while I’ve had to make a few changes to the way I deliver the program, the show remains as authentic as ever; bringing you the best in underground hip-hop to your radio dial and podcast every [Keep Reading]

Looking for the Perfect Beat / Book

April 2, 2020

Looking for the Perfect Beat: The Art and Culture of the DJ by Kurt B. Reighley “A reliable DJ knows how to balance entertainment with education, underscored by his or her own individual aesthetic.” That’s a quote from this book [Keep Reading]

Word is Bond Rap Radio #408 – Social Distancing

March 27, 2020

The schools are closed and not just for March Break. We are being encouraged to stay away from others and remain home. Fortunately, I have the ability to record mixsets from my home studio and will continue to bring you new episodes of Word is Bond [Keep Reading]

The Rule of Three

March 26, 2020

Do kids really do this? “When college students go to dinner, they want the company of their friends in the dining hall and their phone. They also want the freedom to go on their phones. To have both at the same time, they observe what some call [Keep Reading]

New Show Intro . . . Starring YOU!

March 24, 2020

Word is Bond Rap Radio is an underground hip-hop mixshow that airs weekly on 94.9 fm in London, Ontario, Canada. For the 400 episode, I produced a new theme song for the show and did some scratching over the beat. Now, I am looking to add a rapper [Keep Reading]

Mastermind Street Jam #5 Nov 1994

March 23, 2020

The Mastermind Street Jam was required listening back in the day. It was an underground hip-hop mixshow on commercial radio, which made it quite unique. The station catered to dance music the rest of the week, but for two hours, we had that raw, [Keep Reading]
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