4 Things I Learned at a Wedding

I went to a really nice wedding on the weekend. I’ve been to quite a few of them over the past ten years and, believe it or not, I still learned a few new things this time around.

Here are the 4 Things I Learned at a Wedding this weekend.

1) Unless you like your food rare, don’t order the beef.

I checked off the beef dinner on the wedding invitation several months ago. That turned out to be a mistake. The beef that came to the table this weekend was noticeably pink. I always order my meal to be well-done. I pretty much burn it when I cook it myself, and that’s how I like it. I asked one of the servers if all of the beef was prepared the same way. She told me that it was. I cut into it, hoping to find a section of it that was more thoroughly cooked, but was disappointed. This huge cut of beef was rare. I asked if I could switch my meal for the chicken. Thankfully, they had an extra one for me. I just couldn’t bring myself to eat something that was noticeably pink.

2) No matter what you do, you can’t escape the dance floor.

I have absolutely no rhythm when it comes to dancing. I don’t even have a move or two that I can fall back on. That’s why, I try to avoid the dance floor at all costs.

However, when the bride comes over and drags you to the dance floor, you have to go.

So I did. It was a fast song. I felt uncomfortable and awkward. I survived the song, but was glad when it was over.

I think I’ll need to learn a dance move or two before attending another wedding. That way, I’ll be prepared for the inevitable trip to the dance floor. I’ll probably feel better if I have a move I can actually pull off.

3) The DJ can’t please everyone.

I am often critical of wedding deejays. Most of the weddings I have been to, the DJ has been less than stellar. I look for a few things when evaluating the DJ.

Can the DJ mix? – I don’t want to hear songs fading out or a little bit of dead-air between them. The songs should blend together.

Does the DJ play to the crowd? – Good wedding deejays will play modern pop songs, classic rock, songs, a nice mix of slow songs, a country song or two, some dance numbers, and at least two or three rap songs.

Does the DJ keep people on the floor? – If people are dancing, then the DJ is doing his job.

I heard some people criticizing the DJ this weekend. In my humble opinion, he succeeded in doing all of those three things. He was a good DJ and he still couldn’t please everyone.

4) Things will go wrong (but most people won’t notice)

It was a great wedding. I know that not everything went according to plan. I know the bride and her family stressed about some of those details, but things worked out. And I can guarantee you that most people didn’t even notice those hiccups.

People will remember that the couple looked beautiful and happy, that everyone seemed to have fun, and that the day was a success. And that’s what’s important.

2 responses to “4 Things I Learned at a Wedding”

  1. Hi Chase .. thankfully I enjoy rare beef .. love it in fact – changed my tune in my 20s ..

    No you can't opt out of dancing .. though I try too!! Nothing is ever going to be perfect .. the main thing is the bride and groom enjoyed it, and everyone will remember the happy times ..

    Glad you enjoyed it .. and you had your dinner of chicken .. hope they have a happy marriage .. Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    I don't know what it is, but if it's pink, I am immediately turned off. Don't want to change my tune. Just stubborn I guess.

    But the whoel affair was really nice. I am sure the couple are goign to have a long, healthy, and happy marriage. I'm really happy for them.

    Thanks for the comment!