Trixx (Red Carpet Interview)

DOPEfm caught up with stand-up comedian, Trixx for a quick interview on the red carpet of the 2011 Stylus DJ Awards, the show that he has hosted for the past two years straight.

Chase: “Hey Trixx, what’s up? DOPEfm radio, Hamilton.”

Trixx: “Steel City! What’s up, man?”

Chase: “We’re doing good man. Who are you here to support?”

Trixx: “I’m actually hosting the show tonight. So, I’m supporting everybody. I’m for the DJ ’cause I’m a guy who used to be a DJ. Any time I get to mess with the Stylus people, I don’t miss out. Shout out to all the DJs nominated. Shout out to all the artists nominated as well.”

Chase: “You held it down last year as host.”

Trixx: “Yeah, and they called me back to do it again. This year the show is going to be very interesting. A lot of surprises, a lot of surprise guests are in the house, a lot of star power this year too. We got Russell Peters, some New York Rangers in the house, some Toronto Maple Leafs in the house, Jully Black is here, Glen Lewis. We got a lot of people here and the awards get bigger every year. You don’t want mess with it.”

Chase: “You’re still going strong with your stand-up and comedy.”

Trixx: “My new DVD, Iceman comes out tomorrow. HMV, iTunes, Netflix. So it’s a big day for me today and tomorrow

Chase: “Best of luck with your hosting duties and with your DVD. Hope it sells like crazy.”

Trixx: “Thanks. Appreciate it!”

Here’s a funny video to wrap things up. Warning: Explicit language.