Stupid Cell Phone

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I’ve always enjoyed Steve Smith’s comedy. Even before he created the very cool, duct tape loving, character of Red Green.

When I found out that he was doing a one man show called “Red Green’s Wit and Wisdom Tour,” I thought, “Man, I’d love to go see that.”

Yesterday, as I was driving home, Red Green was being interviewed on the radio.

The host of the show said that they would be giving away Red Green tickets after the commercial break. That gave me plenty of time to pull over and have my cell phone out and ready.

The radio host came back on the air and invited people to call in.

I dialed.

The phone was actually ringing.

I was excited that I was going to get through and win the tickets.

The host kept on talking. He said that the phone lines were all lit up and that if it was ringing to just let it ring and he’d get to us shortly.

He was going to take the first two callers to answer one of two trivia questions.

I knew the answer to both questions. I knew I was going to win those tickets.

My cell phone had other plans though.

It has this stupid feature that won’t let it ring and ring and ring. Whenever I dial someone and it rings eight times with no answer, the phone automatically disconnects.

So, before the radio host got to the phones, mine just cut out.

I couldn’t believe it! I was so close! Arghhhh!

I dialed back but only got a busy signal.

I couldn’t do anything else but continue listening to the afternoon radio show.

The first caller didn’t know either answer. Callers two and three both won tickets.

I knew I would have been one of those first three callers.

I lost out on the tickets because of my stupid cell phone.

Very annoying!

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4 responses to “Stupid Cell Phone”

  1. Hi Hilary,

    I'd buy tickets but I can't afford them right now.

    I just got Avril Lavigne tickets and am really looking forward to that concert.

    The annoying thing is that if I was on a regular land line, I would have gotten through. But that's life with technology, I guess.

  2. Hi Braveheart,

    I just looked through my owner manual and can't seem to find anything about this feature. I wish I could turn it off, but I don't know if I can.

    I'll keep looking. Thanks for the idea!