March 2014

  • Spectacular Street Musician

    This is an amazing street performance! Bryson Andres uses technology to loop up a percussion backing for his violin masterpiece. Simply spectacular!

  • Legoland Racers

    I took my kids to Legoland Toronto this week. This is one of the coolest features of the Indoor Attraction. There are a bunch of open bins, where you can build your own race car. I designed a three-wheeled super-car. I loved that they had orange Lego pieces. I don’t have any orange pieces at […]

  • The Unethical Bank

    I was really surprised to read about the history of banks. I’d always felt like something was terribly wrong with how they operated, but I never really looked into it until I read this book. Neurotic Money: The World of Debt and How It Has Hijacked Your Brain by Joe Ornato “After a while, the […]

  • How to Engage Students Who Only do the Bare Minimum to Get By

    Academic success depends on a variety of factors such as the quality of teachers, textbooks, the ability and effort of students etc. to name just a few. Students have to be smart and hard- working in order to achieve academic success. But what would happen if middle school students are reluctant to study? Students who […]

  • Reunited in Dream

    My dad  lived in a small one-bedroom place and he absolutely loved it. It was a little bit difficult letting his place go, but I knew that the tree we planted on the property would serve as a great memorial for many years to come. I really have no reason to go back to that […]

  • Women in Hip-Hop 4 Radio Special

    Today is International Women’s Day! Help us celebrate by joining us on the radio. We have over 7 hours of excellent programming for you starting at 12:00 midnight. And all of it, is dedicated to the Women in Hip-Hop. This is our 4th annual show celebrating International Women’s Day and we have a lot of […]

  • Latest Graphic Novel Reads

    Star Wars: Blood Ties – Jango and Boba Fett Boba Fett was the bounty hunter in Return of the Jedi that stole every scene he was in. He was such a cool looking character. Since the first trilogy was released all those years ago, we have found out a lot about his back story. We […]

  • Novel in an Hour

    I went to a workshop last week and we did an activity called “Novel in an Hour” The class was divided into small groups and each group was given a chapter or two of a novel. We weren’t told the title or what the story was about. We were just given a photocopy of our […]

  • Chasing Content – The Best of March

    It’s time to drop in! on some great content in the monthly feature we call . . . Chasing Content It gives us a chance to look back at what was happening right here last year at this time. You can read all of the posts from last March or just these favs Writing Rap […]

  • Access: Pharoahe Monch TODAY

    Pharoahe Monche will be our special guest for this week’s live and interactive radio show. This program is a partnership between Our Show, Kevin Nottingham, The Word is Bond, DOPEfm, and Silent Cacophony. Conshus runs the segment live on the radio in Florida on 91.5 WPRK and I join him via the magic of Google Hangouts. You can listen to the […]