Reunited in Dream

Dads place

My dad  lived in a small one-bedroom place and he absolutely loved it.

It was a little bit difficult letting his place go, but I knew that the tree we planted on the property would serve as a great memorial for many years to come.

I really have no reason to go back to that place. It’s been sold and someone else now calls it home. But, for some reason, I had a dream last night that I went back there.

I was expecting to see the new residents but as I drove passed the place, I saw my dad sitting on the deck reading. That was where you would often find him if you dropped by. I was sure that I had just imagined it. But I as I pulled into the driveway, he put a bookmark in place and came over to greet me.

I gave him a great big hug, unsure of how this could be real. It felt real though.

“How can you be here?” I asked.

He didn’t answer, other than to say, “Want to play a game of Star Trek”

Star Trek Board Game

My dad was just about the only person I could play this game with. As my family members and friends aren’t Trekkies.

I’ve played it with non-Star-Trek-fanatics before but unless you know the Original Series well, some of the trivia questions are quite difficult.

The dream continued just as a normal visit to my dad’s would have. We talked, played some games, watched some TV, and grabbed something to eat.

It was a nice last day to spend with my dad.

When I woke up, I was sad that it was only a dream, but happy that I was still able to share a nice day with my father.

I love him and miss him terribly. Tomorrow, would have been his 66th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Rest in Peace!