March 2014

Walkie-Talkies to Cell Phones

March 31, 2014

A small plan crashed in a very remote valley during World War II. The terrain made it very difficult to amass a rescue. In the meantime, an air drop was arranged to give the men and women much needed supplies to help them survive. One of the most [Keep Reading]

WIHH4: Shay D of Lyrically Challenged

March 29, 2014

We are celebrating International Women’s Day with our 4th Annual Women in Hip-Hop Spectacular. In this chapter of the show, I interview Shay D about her work with the Lyrically Challenged Collective, her solo work, her involvement in the [Keep Reading]

WIHH4: Old School Hip-Hop Mix by Miss DJ

March 28, 2014

Miss DJ is part of an all-female DJ crew based out of Sweden. She is our special guest deejay for our 4th Annual Women in Hip-Hop Spectacular. I interview her and then she gets on the wheels of steel to drop an amazing mixset of old school and [Keep Reading]

WIHH4: Women in Hip-Hop Roundtable Discussion

March 27, 2014

Welcome back to the 4th Annual Women in Hip-Hop Radio Spectacular. Make sure you tune in to Silent Cacophony every day this week to catch all of the different segments from #WIHH4. Right now, we have an incredible discussion with a panel of hip-hop [Keep Reading]

Lip Sync Battle

March 25, 2014

Radio DJ, Mastermind, shared this on Twitter the other day. Drop Everything And Watch This AMAZING Lip Sync Battle Between Paul Rudd And Jimmy Fallon — Mastermind (@MastermindLive) February 26, 2014   I clicked through [Keep Reading]

DJing Is Child’s Play

March 24, 2014

Who says that it doesn’t take talent and effort to be a hip-hop DJ? DJ Nu-mark makes it all look like child’s play in this clip (and I’m not just saying that because he is using preschool toys to create this incredible turntablist [Keep Reading]

Access: 88 HIPHOP

March 22, 2014

88 HIPHOP was definitely ahead of its time. It was one of the first Internet hip-hop shows. When it started, I wasn’t even online at the time. It began as a radio show that was available through the phone lines only. It quickly moved to video [Keep Reading]

Journey to Rainbow Island – Book Giveaway

March 20, 2014

Journey to Rainbow Island by Christie Hsiao I was approached by the publisher of this book to do a review of the novel and a giveaway on my blog. The press release sounded interesting, so I agreed. Unfortunately, the novel didn’t live up to [Keep Reading]

GPS – The Road to Musical Success

March 18, 2014

When I started teaching music, I was really disappointed with the method book. It didn’t seem like my students were learning much as we worked through the various lines of music. I searched for an alternative and found the excellent Band [Keep Reading]
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