Walkie-Talkies to Cell Phones

True Rescue Story from WWIIA small plan crashed in a very remote valley during World War II. The terrain made it very difficult to amass a rescue. In the meantime, an air drop was arranged to give the men and women much needed supplies to help them survive.

One of the most precious items in the cargo was “a portable FM radio that could be used to transmit and receive messages. It was almost certainly a rugged waterproof thirty-five pound two-way radio the size of a small suitcase.

Developed by Motorola for the Army Signal Corps, the device could be carried on a soldier’s back, hence its immortal nickname, the ‘walkie-talkie.’

Its design was a milestone that contributed to a revolution in portal wireless communication.”

Original Walkie Talkie

Imagine if technology hadn’t advanced in the past 50 years. These wireless communication devices have become incredibly compact since their development for the armed forces. Would people be walking around with cumbersome backpacks right now to stay connected.

Would the benefits of being connected outweigh the hassle of lugging around the cumbersome, original walkie-talkie?


I bet most people don’t realize that the cell phone in their pocket comes courtesy of the armed services. Without the army, we wouldn’t have had two-way wireless communication.

That’s something to think about.

4 responses to “Walkie-Talkies to Cell Phones”

  1. They really serve no point other than you don’t have to have the phone right up against your ear, and some people don’t like being on speaker phone all the time. So other than just simply annoying everyone within a block’s radius of you, its just a form of “convenience” and “coolness.” can someone do my essay

  2. A major part of the world still use the walkie talkie for their communication, we all know what are the benefits of walkie talkies but mobile phones takes its place, but the future of walkie talkie still exists and in near future its usability definitely increases.

  3. The technology is still used, that is for sure. It’s just interesting to see how it has developed and progressed over the years.

    Thanks for the comment!