Legoland Racers

I took my kids to Legoland Toronto this week.

Lego Racers

This is one of the coolest features of the Indoor Attraction.

Open Bin

There are a bunch of open bins, where you can build your own race car.

Lego Chase Car

I designed a three-wheeled super-car. I loved that they had orange Lego pieces. I don’t have any orange pieces at home. It’s my favourite colour.

I also loved the over-sized wheels. Once again, I have nothing like this in my personal collection of Lego.

Starting Block

Then you get to race your creation against other builders. I love that there is a controlled starting block.

Racing Panel

When you press the start button, the display counts down and then drops the starting block so every car starts rolling down the track at the same speed.

Launch Track

There’s also a really cool launch ramp.

I wish that we could have kept our cars at the end. I also would have loved to have bought some of those over-sized wheels or even some hinge pieces. I don’t know why those pieces are readily available without having to buy an entire kit first.

Legoland is geared towards children under 10 years-old. You need to pre-order your tickets online to ensure that you can get in. There are two rides, and a 4D cinema, a girl-centred area with karaoke, a large model of the city of Toronto, and indoor climbers.

We spent five hours there and did every single activity. Overall, we had a great day!