September 2011

Stupid Cell Phone

September 15, 2011

Image via WikipediaI’ve always enjoyed Steve Smith’s comedy. Even before he created the very cool, duct tape loving, character of Red Green. When I found out that he was doing a one man show called “Red Green’s Wit and Wisdom [Keep Reading]

Skateboarding, Batman, and Photoshop

September 14, 2011

I found this image on Tumblr two weeks ago. I was impressed that Heath Ledger was skateboarding during a break from shooting. I found another image about Comics and Skateboarding and teamed them up together for a blog post. At the time, I [Keep Reading]

Teaching Tip: Define Yourself – Word Collage

September 13, 2011

I found this image on Tumblr and I immediately thought of how I could use it in the classroom. I am constantly doing this. I think it’s part of my creative process. I don’t want to be a boring teacher and just continue to use the [Keep Reading]

Not Impressed with Digital TV

September 9, 2011

TV signals switched from analog to digital last week. I thought I was prepared. I bought an antenna capable of picking up both analog and digital signals and have been using it all summer long. It turns out that older televisions, even when equipped [Keep Reading]

Chasing Content – September 2010

September 7, 2011

It’s always nice to look back at the trails we have taken to get to where we are today. That is why at the start of every month, I dig through the archives to unearth some of the best posts from last year at this time. You can read all of the [Keep Reading]

2 Month Goal for Teachers: Know Your Students

September 6, 2011

Image via WikipediaSchool starts today. Teachers are preparing for a brand new bunch of students to enter their lives. They need to start the year off in such a way as to engage the students, set the tone of the classroom, establish classroom [Keep Reading]

Hip-Hop Night was Ill (Literally)

September 4, 2011

Friday night was hip-hop night at The CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) K-os was the headliner of the concert. He is an amazingly talented singer, songwriter, rapper, and musician. I was very excited to finally get a chance to see him in [Keep Reading]

Camping Adventure Part 2: Determined Raccoons

September 2, 2011

Image via Wikipedia I’m lucky to have a girlfriend who is such a great cook. She can even work her magic on an open fire. I know if it were left up to me, we would have eaten hotdogs, sausages, and simple stuff like that during our camping [Keep Reading]
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