Chasing Content – September 2010

It’s always nice to look back at the trails we have taken to get to where we are today.

That is why at the start of every month, I dig through the archives to unearth some of the best posts from last year at this time.

You can read all of the posts from last September or just these favourites.

Know Your History: 16 Bars – Know Your History is a monthly radio segment I produce for DOPEfm. This episode serves as a comprehensive guide to the art of 16 bar raps. You will learn how to count bars, why they are important, and how they fit into the culture of hip-hop. You can read the transcript, stream the podcast, or download the show for free.

I Learned Something From a Comic Again – Here’s the answer to a pressing question that had baffled me for years, “How come boys have buttons on one side and girls have buttons on the other side?”

Water Refill Stations – They really should have these things all over the place.  I know I always bring a water bottle with me but there often isn’t any place to fill it up. There really should be.

Take Back The Night – I went to this event for the first time last year and I felt guilty for being a man. I know I shouldn’t have felt that way, but it was hard to hear about the harmful, hateful, and selfish things some people can do to the women in our society. I plan on going again this year to be supportive of the women who should never have to put up with this.

Thanks for Chasing Content with me.

3 responses to “Chasing Content – September 2010”

  1. Hi Chase .. I'd forgotten the 'why do we do up buttons differently' .. so thanks for putting the link up again!

    Hope school's going ok .. the Landreth seed company (American) is one that the kids might like to know about – ok not Canadian! but saving things, protecting ways of life .. and my maize one – might be something of interest ..

    Glad that you're supporting 'Take Back the Night' .. it'd be great if we could all treat others how we'd like to be treated ourselves …

    Cheers – Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    I enjoy these Chasing Content posts. I"m glad you get something out of them as well.

    I still feel bad about how I acted at Take Back the Night last year. It was just so jarring and eye-opening. It was a bit hard to handle. And I was embarrassed for my gender. I will support the event again this year, for sure.

    Your blog is a treasure trove of information. I should use it as a resource tool in the classroom. What a great idea. Thanks!

  3. Hi Chase .. men, my dear, men!! Anyway it's good your recompensing this year.

    You know Lenny Lee – you'll find him on my blog .. he's only 11 .. it'd be a good way of connecting with other schools perhaps?

    The blog and posts are there .. and the Landreth Catalogue – could be a good Christmas present for a parent/grandparent/uncle/aunt etc etc … ??

    Cheers Hilary