Chase March


Old and Falling Apart

I am relatively young, as people like to point out to me. Although, when I turned 30 people joked that it was “all down hill from here.” Part of me thought that maybe they could be right. Perhaps, it is just a coincidence but getting older has meant that I have slowly started to slide […]

What Makes a Volunteer?

I spent most of my weekend giving my time for a great yearly event. I didn’t have to think twice about signing up to volunteer for KidSpark. It was a great experience and thoroughly enjoyable. I wrote about it in detail yesterday. Today I want to focus on the volunteer aspect of the event. It […]


I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at KidSpark on the weekend. This is an amazing event that is put on every year by the Kitchener Public Library and an assortment of community sponsors. The event is totally free and takes over the huge and beautiful Victoria Park every August. I have taken kids to […]

Blog Catalog

Networking seems to be what the Internet is all about these days. Whether it is sites like Facebook or MySpace, it seems that people want to connect with other people online. I have let it be known on this blog that I don’t much care for these two particular websites. I enjoy the community that […]

Internet Chess

It’s amazing all the things you can do on the Internet. Yesterday I was declared a blog addict. It’s true. I am addicted to reading, writing, posting, replying, and surfing to various blogs. If I had a computer at home I could easily see it taking up a lot of my time. Having to rely […]

Updating My Back Up

This blog is important to me. I really enjoying writing entires and reading your responses. I have over 100 entries now and would like to see that they are preserved. I know that in all likelihood that they will be, here on the server. Blogging does not seem to be going anywhere. I am confident […]

Blog Surfing – Wave 2

I actually found some time today to go blog surfing. It was nice. Here are two blogs that I found to be rather interesting. I will definitely go back and check them again and you never know, they may end up as links.

Count it as a Loss

There is a new machine in the grocery store that I have walked past several dozen times without actually giving it any serious attention. It looks like a bank machine but it is actually a DVD rental machine. There is a sign right beside this machine that is really hard to miss. It states, “New […]

That One Special Person

My cousin got married on the weekend. The ceremony was a short and sweet affair on the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day and everything about it seemed perfect. I’m happy for her and her new husband. I hope they have a wonderful life together. The wedding was amazing. I have been to several […]

A Little Blogging Difficulty

I am having a little blogging difficulty. I am at my mom’s for the weekend and I remember that last time I was here that her computer gave me some problems. Well, it is doing it again. I don’t know why but I think the Blogger doesn’t like old Macs. I seem to have a […]

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