Be Kind Today

Please remember to be kind today.

After all it is World Kindness Day.

The fact that we even need such a day is awfully telling.

The world is often not a kind place.

Yet, it can be. And it all starts with YOU. That’s right, YOU.

No one else can make the world a more kind and caring place other than you.

It’s simple really, just do something kind for someone each and every day. Please don’t limit your kind acts to family and friends either.

You can go to the Random Acts of Kindness website for some great ideas. There are also some great resources for teachers to use in the classroom.

I like that this foundation is trying to make a difference in the world by inspiring people to perform simple and acts for one another.

It reminds me of my days in Boy Scouts where one of our mottos was “Do a Good Turn Daily,” which meant simply that we should do something nice fore someone else every day.

I think we should all try to take this up as our mantra. The world would quickly become a more more kind and caring place.

So please, do something kind today,

and then again tomorrow,

and then again

and again