Take a Moment

I never understood the phrase “Lest We Forget.”

To me, “lest” looks too much like “let’s” and of course, “Let’s forget” is something that we never want to do.

I was glad that we had some Veterans come into my class yesterday and talk to my students. I think it was enlightening for them.

My students had some great questions and one of them was,

“Did you get to shoot guns?”

Two of the veterans who served in different wars, and were highly decorated with medals that they wore proudly, told my students that they didn’t shoot guns in the war.

This lead us into a discussion about all the different jobs that are available in the army. I think most kids, boys in particular, think that war is glamorous and guns are cool. But today, I think they got to see that these men sitting in front of us were cool and that they didn’t even have to shoot a gun to protect us and keep us safe.

What a great message!