December 2011

  • Top 11 Albums of 2011

    I started this tradition two years ago when I wrote the post Top 9 albums of ’09 and continued it last year with the Top 10 Albums of 2010. So I guess I need to compile the Top 11 Albums of 2011. The problem is that I listened to a lot of mix tapes and podcasts this […]

  • George Stroumboulopoulos on the Red Carpet

    George Stroumboulopoulos came through The Red Carpet of the Stylus Awards just as the organizers were shutting it down. He was very popular and there were about four media outlets that all wanted to grab a quick interview with him. The organizers rushed him through the line right passed us. I made eye contact with George and […]

  • Personification in Rap (KYH Episode 22)

    Hip-hop has the power to make things come alive. Whether it is due to the process of storytelling, the persuasive message behind the song, or through an infectious rhythm or hook. Hip-hop has power. Of course, that is one of the reasons we celebrate it each and every month on this segment of DOPEfm, we […]

  • A DOPEfm Christmas

    Here’s a Christmas album unlike anything you’ve ever heard. I know that I get bored of the same old Christmas music every year, so I wanted to put together a straight hip-hop Christmas mix. I had to dig to find enough content to fill an entire CD but I found some really interesting tracks. This […]

  • The Bridge Wars (Hip-Hop History Podcast: Episode 21)

    Welcome to Know Your History, your monthly dose of hip-hop knowledge. We’re all about the music here and not about boring dates, historical figures, and battles. Wait a minute, hold that thought. Hip-hop has those things too. And unlike high school history class, I think you’ll enjoy our half hour together. Download this episode for […]

  • Rych Kydd

    Chase: “We’re on the red carpet at the 2011 Stylus Awards with Rych Kydd. You’ve got a trophy in your hands.” Rych Kydd: “Rated Next DJ 2011.” Chase: “How’s that feel? That was handed out last night?” Rych Kydd: “Yeah, at the pre-nominee party. It feels amazing. A lot of hard work, a lot of […]

  • Visual History of Christmas Trees

    I’ve always wondered about Christmas trees. The entire idea seems quite ridiculous. Cut down a tree, bring it inside, and adorn it with shiny things. Why do we do this exactly? Well, here’s a great poster that might shed some light on the subject (pardon the pun) There are a lot of interesting facts and […]

  • Tell Her She’s Beautiful

    Is that true? Do beautiful girls need to hear that they are beautiful? And if so, how do we do that? I’ve wanted to compliment women before on their beauty but I’ve often been afraid of the reception I’d get. I don’t want to make someone feel uncomfortable. I don’t want to put forth unwanted […]

  • The Roxanne Wars (Know Your History: Episode 20)

    Welcome to Know Your History, your monthly dose of hip-hop knowledge. I’m your host, Chase March, and I’ll be with you for the next thirty minutes as we explore a huge war within hip-hop. You can download this episode for free or stream it with the player below. Like most wars, this one was started […]

  • Riviera for Skype (Product Review)

    I have recorded dozens of interviews for my radio show over the past few years. Some of those interviews were done at the radio station and some were done on location at the concert venue. Of course, these ways of conducting interviews can sometimes be a little trying. We have to work within time constraints and […]