A DOPEfm Christmas

Here’s a Christmas album unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

I know that I get bored of the same old Christmas music every year, so I wanted to put together a straight hip-hop Christmas mix. I had to dig to find enough content to fill an entire CD but I found some really interesting tracks.

This mixed album starts out innocently enough with the classic Run-DMC song “Christmas in Hollis” and continues that way with music from Cross Movement and Random. Next up is a remake of Kurtis Blow’s Christmas Rappin’ by a who’s who of Canadian MCs.

The album then gets explicit. Parental discretion is advised for tracks 6, 7, and 8. First we hear an Eminem impersonation  “What if Eminem did Jingle Bells.” Then Mr.Lif tells us about the time Santa used a machine gun. We also hear Easy E wishing us all a “Merry MFing Christmas.”

The rest of the album is pretty tame. You can skip through the tracks if you find any of them offensive.

I hope you enjoy this mixed album. It will also be played on the show tonight. Listen to us live starting at 12:00 midnight on CFMU. You can find us on 93.3fm on your radio dial from the Hamilton, Ontario, Canada area or online at http://cfmu.msumcmaster.ca/

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Merry Christmas!

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3 responses to “A DOPEfm Christmas”

  1. Hi Arlee Bird,

    I really enjoy this mix. I get tired of some of the traditional Christmas songs that you hear so often this season. Instrumental Christmas songs always seem to be nice though.

    Thanks for the comment!