George Stroumboulopoulos on the Red Carpet

George Stroumboulopoulos came through The Red Carpet of the Stylus Awards just as the organizers were shutting it down.

He was very popular and there were about four media outlets that all wanted to grab a quick interview with him.

The organizers rushed him through the line right passed us. I made eye contact with George and he motioned to me that he’d come back to talk.

He was being pushed along in such a hurry that I was sure he was just being polite and that I’d missed the interview.

He did three quick interviews and wouldn’t let the organizers push him along any further. He turned around and came back to us. All the while, one of the organizers stood behind him and motioned for me to make it quick.

George: “What’s happening?”

Chase: “I’m good. Chase March from DOPEfm. I’m a huge fan, man. Ever since you were a VJ on Much Music.”

George: “That feels like a life time ago, man.”

Chase: “We’re a hip-hop show from Hamilton.”

George: “Very cool! From The Hammer, I love it!”

Chase: “What’s it feel like to be at the Stylus DJ Awards?”

George: “I’m happy to be here. There are a lot of talented people here. We’ve been doing a lot of this stuff on our show, having different DJs play their thing. I like being around it.”

Chase: “What DJs are you looking forward to seeing tonight?”

George: “M-Rock. I love M-Rock. He was just killing it the other night I saw him play. They’re all good though.”

Chase: “I love how you’ve been supporting the female deejays.”

George: “You have to. If you have the opportunity to play stuff, then you should play stuff.”

Chase: “One of the coolest Canadians I know.”

George: “You’re very kind.”

Chase: “Keep doing your thing. Peace.”

And with that, he was gone, the doors were closed, and the Stylus Award Show officially began.