Visual History of Christmas Trees

History of the Christmas Trees

I’ve always wondered about Christmas trees. The entire idea seems quite ridiculous. Cut down a tree, bring it inside, and adorn it with shiny things. Why do we do this exactly?

Well, here’s a great poster that might shed some light on the subject (pardon the pun)

There are a lot of interesting facts and points of discussion here for your students to ponder.

Perhaps you could have your students make a similar poster about another holiday tradition. I wonder why people started making fruitcakes?

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2 responses to “Visual History of Christmas Trees”

  1. Hi Chase .. love the colours and descriptions of the poster – that's a wonderful find ..

    Nothing about Prince Albert and Queen Victoria really popularising the Christmas tree – Queen Caroline had brought the idea to England from her Germany roots .. but it was QV and PA who really set England along its path of having a Christmas tree at home.

    Now Christmas cakes .. or fruit cakes .. not that long ago in their present format .. but interesting to hear about the melding and introduction of the ingredients to England and Europe.

    Great fun – hope your students enjoyed the project .. Happy Christmas and New Year .. cheers Hilary