• Running Alongside the Ausable River Cut

    I love finding new places to run and explore. I had no idea what to expect when I started off on this run through Ausable River Cut Conservation Area. It was quite beautiful  running alongside the river, with some nice places to stop and take it all in, including this look-out. I like when there […]

  • Hagersville Skatepark

    I stumbled across this skatepark last weekend. I wasn’t looking for a new spot to skate so it’s a good thing that I keep my skateboard in my trunk for occasions such as this one. I like the arch of this quarter-pipe. It’s also a nice height. There are plenty of places to do grind […]

  • Parkhill Skatepark Tour

    Last week, I happened to be driving through Parkhill, Ontario and stumbled upon this amazing skatepark. Let’s go on a visual tour of it now. Parkhill Libro Skateboard Park is located at 269 McLeod Street in Parkhill, Ontario. This park has plenty of obstacles, some unique features, and a great flow. This brick-wall quarter-pipe ramp […]

  • A Repurposed Tennis Court Becomes a Skatepark

    An old and unused tennis court is the perfect place to build a new skatepark. I have never seen anything like this before. But it is a great idea, don’t you think? This park is located in Mount Pleasant, Ontario and it has quite a few nice features. I like the orange and blue colour […]

  • Fan Expo 2016 Highlights

    Fan Expo is a great comic book and science fiction convention that happens the last weekend of summer every year in Toronto. It is always a lot of fun dressing up in cosplay outfits, attending panels, meeting celebrities, getting comics autographed, and buying some new collectibles. Here are some the highlights from last weekend’s event. […]

  • Laurier Creek Trail Run (Waterloo, ON)

    I found myself in Waterloo yesterday and decided to run this trail. Even though I knew nothing about it, how long it was, or where it headed. The sign gave me lots of information, however. I knew that the trail was two kilometers long and that this run would probably be around five kilometers total. […]

  • The Inaugural “Instagram Immemorial”

    I started using Instagram 111 weeks ago. It’s hard to believe that it has actually been that long. This is my first post from April 2014. It shows a small part of my Daredevil collection. I saw Atmosphere in concert and took this terrible photograph. I did get to talk to Slug backstage and record […]

  • Trilliums on the Trail Side

    This is the time of year that the Trillium are in bloom. I always love seeing Ontario’s Provincial Flower along the trail side when I go for my runs. Here is collage I made and shared on Instagram. The images above were taken during one of my trail runs through Komoka Provincial Park. Today, I […]

  • First Trail Run of the Year

    I decided to kick off the running season with a trail run through Meadowlily Woods. It rained heavily for two days though, so when I got there, I decided that it might be best to stick to the paved trail. This sign warned me that the area is subject to flooding. It still thought the […]

  • Wawanosh Wetlands Nature Trail

    Let’s remember the bright and warm days of Autumn, now that we are stuck in the throws of Winter. Wawanosh Wetlands Conservation Area is in Sarnia and is a nice place to go for a run. If you want to know more about Wetlands, click the picture to read the plaque that was along the […]