• First Time on The Winter Road

    People who don’t live in the far north probably have no idea what a winter road is. The truth is there are a lot of communities in northern Ontario that do not have a road running into them. These communities have airstrips and for most of the year, this is the only way into the […]

  • What is your Dream Car?

    When I was a child, my dream car was the black pickup truck that Michael J. Fox had in Back to the Future. It was a beautiful ride with chrome running boards and hunting lights. I always told myself that I would own a truck just like that someday. So far, I have only owned […]

  • Music Space Issues

    Like I said yesterday, I have issues when it comes to organizing my music. I have vinyl records, cassette tapes, and CDs. Each format of music that I own is organized in its own way. My records are in old milk crates or recycling bins. These containers are great for storing records and make it […]

  • Happy Halloween!

    This is a painting that our class made together. We hope that you all have a safe and Happy Hallloween!

  • Fantastic Grade 4

    I love playing with words and I love comic books. One day last year, it suddenly occurred to me that my class could be described as “Fantastic Grade 4” to play on the popular superhero team. I covered the classroom door with butcher paper and decided that we should paint our door so that it […]

  • Writing Chair

    This chair looks like a cross between an office chair and a rocking chair. It has a nice large cloth seat and cloth backrest. It is great for writers like me. I can type away at my keyboard for as long as I want. When I need a break, I can lean back and the […]

  • Autograph from a Hip Hop Legend

    This is a picture of the album cover I got signed on the weekend. I got signatures from some legends in hip hop; Masta Ace, Wordsworth, and Punchline. These three emcees have joined forces with Stricklin to form the supergroup EMC. They performed Friday Night at The Opera House in Toronto. I tell you, it […]

  • Radio Theatre

    Last night was a first for me and for my students as well. We went to the community radio station and took over the airwaves for an hour. It was a great experience that started from a small idea earlier in the year. I tried doing reader’s theatre with my class in the first term […]