• Oh Deer, Unxepected Running Companions

    Komoka Provincial Park is one of my favourite places to run. I haven’t ran the front portion of the trail, the one that starts on Oxford Road, in a while. I have mainly been running the blue trail lately. But I felt like a change, and boy did I get one. When I got to […]

  • Bridal Veil Falls

    Bridal Veil Falls is located in a small village on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada. I spent some time on the island last week and wanted to find a few interesting places to run. This definitely fit the bill. Here you can see the Kagawong River which flows from Lake Kagawong to the North Channel of […]

  • Small Town Skatepark (Tilbury, ON.)

    Tilbury has a skatepark on 24 Stewart Avenue. It’s small, but then again, so is Tilbury. I found myself there and just had to stop for a quick session. It’s got a variety of rails, a small spine and block obstacle stairs, launch ramps, and quarter-pipes. Apparently, there are other skateparks not too far from […]

  • A.W. Campbell Trail Run

    A.W. Campbell Conservation area is located in the small township of Brooke-Alvinston, Ontario. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the front entrance or the trail map when I was there for a run on the weekend. But let’s go on a little tour of the place nonetheless. There are 40 campsites, various playgrounds […]

  • Tower Trail at MacGregor Point Provincial Park

    MacGregor Point Provincial Park is located at 1593 Bruce Road 33 in Port Elgin, ON. Canada. There are several trails that you can run or bike on here. However, you have to pay a day-use fee to access the park. If you don’t want to pay the day fee, you can make your way to […]

  • Skateboarding in Zero Gravity

    Zero Gravity Skateboard Park is located 199 King St. S. in Blenheim. It is a small, concrete skatepark located across from a public school and directly beside a community centre and arena. I like to write profiles of every skatepark that I come across, so when I found this park in the fall, I started […]

  • Harry Turnbull Skate Park (Sarnia, ON)

    The Harry Turnbull Skate Park is located at 235 Maxwell St in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. It is definitely one of the strangest skateparks I’ve been to. The bowl isn’t all that functional. It’s hard to carve on it since it is shallow and quite long. And the three large concrete hills are quite bizarre. One […]

  • MacNaughton Morrison Trail Run

    Let’s explore the MacNaughton Morrison Trail in Exeter, Ontario. It starts out with a bit of a boardwalk and continues with this concrete one. There are distance markers throughout the route. Unfortunately, it is not a looped course, but there is still a lot to offer visually and it is definitely work a trip. There […]

  • Port Gratiot Trail

    Just across the border of Sarnia, Ontario is the small community of Port Gratiot. I decided to explore the nature preserve and walking trail because I like exploring new places to run and thought doing so in a different country would be a nice change of pace. The trail had regular distance markings along it, […]

  • Running Trails and Skateparks

    Running Trail Tours I love finding new places to run. I often take my camera along with me and stop every few minutes to snap a picture. This way I can present you with a photographic story that captures the scenery of my run. This page is a table of contents for these Photographic Tours. […]