• Hip Hop HeadUcatorz Debut Album Out Now

    I’m very pleased to announce the debut album from my group Hip Hop HeadUcatorz. “Head of the Class” is available wherever you listen to music. You can even watch the album as we created a visual version of it for YouTube. This is more than a collection of music. It is a way to connect […]

  • Hip Hop HeadUcatorz Spread Some Christmas Cheer

    In the tradition of Chirstmas Rappin by Kurtis Blow, Christmas in Hollis by Run-DMC and all the great Hip Hop holidays tunes that have followed, we wanted to spread some Christmas Cheer this season. You can download or stream the song for free from Bandcamp. Christmas Cheer by Hip Hop HeadUcatorz Lyrics Tigz Trimming tree […]

  • The Time Is Now – Bond Series 001

    The Time is Now for the first edition of the Bond series. Over 12 hours of music for only $12! Cheaper than the blank tapes we used to cop.

  • NEW MUSIC – Refine Your Craft ft Sadat X

    It’s World Teacher’s Day and we are celebrating it like we do every year, by releasing new music. This one is an anthem about trial and error entitled “Refine Your Craft” by Hip Hop HeadUcatorz featuring Sadat X. It’s a honour to be part of this crew of teachers who practice all the elements of […]

  • 24 Hour Celebration of Hip-Hop (Saturday)

    August 11 has long been considered hip-hop’s birthday. Now, it is officially recognized as a national day of celebration. Every year, to mark the occasion, Radio Western dedicates an entire day to hip-hop with a special we call Word Up. This Saturday will be the 4th Annual special and it features guest DJs and MCs […]

  • The Return of Rap City (On Our Screens)

    Rap City was such an important part of music television back in the day. It was great to see a block of television devoted to rap music. We were able to discover new tunes, and see some of our favourite emcees who we’d only ever seen in magazines or on album covers. Well, the show […]

  • Celebrating Hip-Hop

    I love hip-hop music and culture and will continue to champion and celebrate it with book reviews, podcasts, articles, upcoming events, and more.

  • RIP Black Rob + Jeff Chang Interview (WIB Rap Radio)

    Two tribute shows in two weeks. Damn, this is crazy! Rest in Peace, Black Rob. Your music spoke to a lot of people and you will truly be missed. I thought he was making a bit of a comeback. He appeared recently on projects by Diamond D and Cormega. You will hear those tonight, along […]

  • Rest in Peace DMX + Son of Tony Interview

    The hip-hop community is mourning the loss of DMX this week. He had a unique voice and was able to channel his pain through the music. It spoke to a lot of people. We pay him tribute tonight with the opening set of music. After that, we have an exclusive interview with Buffalo emcee, Son […]

  • Jay-Z Gets the Scholarly Treatment

    JAY-Z: Made in America by Michael Eric Dyson I haven’t followed Jay-Z his whole career. I bought his first two albums on CD but then lost interest as he seemed to move in a more commercial direction. But I came back around with his Black Album and now have several of his discs. Interestingly, that […]