• Ice Cube in London (An Honest Review)

    Last night, Ice Cube came to London, Ontario with his Straight Into Canada tour. I was excited for this show for a few reasons. First, I’ve never seen this legend in concert before, and second, he was bringing along another Hip Hop heavyweight with him, Xzibit. I saw Xzibit back in 1996 and it was […]

  • New Music + Video – Favourite Teacher

    Every year, my rap group, Hip Hop Headucatorz, celebrates World Teachers’ Day by dropping new music. This year, our song looks at the influence our favourite teachers have had on us. The idea for this video was sparked by a real episode of Wheel of Fortune. We recreated the puzzle in a fun way to feature the Headucatorz who […]

  • I’m a FCLMA Award Nominee

    I love the local music scene in London, Ontario, Canada and have been working hard to help it get its shine. I spin local Hip Hop acts on my radio show every single week. My open-door policy for them has seen dozens and dozens of emcees, producers, and DJs come through the station for live […]

  • Vote for My 16 Bar Verse (S.H.I.E.L.D. Competition)

    I entered a rap competition put on by S.H.I.E.L.D. Hip Hop. Can you do me a favour and like this track on Soundcloud? That is how you vote and let them know you like what I did with the beat. SHIELD Hip-Hop · Chase March The Society of Hip-Hop Innovation Excellence Leadership and Development is […]

  • Hip Hop Headucatorz Teach Math (Music – Video – Resources)

    I’m so proud of this project. We worked on it a long time to bring Hip Hop into the classroom. This multimedia project will help you teach mathematics in a fun and engaging way. The Math Album by Hip Hop Headucatorz helps students learn all about the four basic operations of mathematics. Seven songs teach the concepts of […]

  • The Math Album by Hip Hop Headucatorz (Music + Resources)

    What Math Has For You is the introductory track to The Math Album, a project that Hip Hop Headucatorz have created for teachers to use in their classroom. Not only are there seven songs based on the four operations in mathematics, but there are ready-to-use resources for your classroom, too. First off, there are lyric videos that help illustrate […]

  • That Bitter Sweet Feeling as the School Year Closes

    The school year drawing to a close often leaves me with a feeling of melancholy. It’s hard to explain exactly why. I tried my best to do that with this song. I hope the bitter sweet feeling comes through in the lyrics and the soulful hook sung by the apologette. This single also comes with […]

  • Head of the Class – Deluxe (Album + Teacher Resource Book)

    For many of our students Hip Hop is a way of life. That is why we combined our love of teaching and rap music to craft an album and resource pack that we can use in our classrooms. “Head of the Class: The Deluxe EDition” features the original 11 song album, an exclusive bonus track, […]

  • Did Hip Hop Raise You Too?

    Hip Hop Raised Me by DJ Semtex This is a beautiful book that celebrates the history of Hip Hop music and culture. It’s heavy. Literally. It’s bigger than some of the textbooks I had to cart around back in my school days. I know that Hip Hop raised me. It helped me to understand a […]

  • Happy Fool Dayz from Hip Hop HeadUcatorz

    Happy Fool Dayz! This song is special as it showcases Wizekrak on production. The guest feature from Lefspek also marks our first time collaborating with an MC outside of the educational realm. The playful song contains verses by Wizekrak and Jon Corbin and DJ cuts by Chase March. It explores different student personalities such as scholars, pranksters and class clowns. Overall, it […]