Hip Hop HeadUcatorz Spread Some Christmas Cheer

In the tradition of Chirstmas Rappin by Kurtis Blow, Christmas in Hollis by Run-DMC and all the great Hip Hop holidays tunes that have followed, we wanted to spread some Christmas Cheer this season.

You can download or stream the song for free from Bandcamp.



Trimming tree tops
As we watch for snow falls on park lots
Can’t wait for trading timberlands for indoor socks and flip flops
The Holidays is time for recognizing friends and family
Whether the birth of Christ, Menorah lights, or 1st Fruit festivities
It’s clear to me
Just Emphasizing Season Unity
So Life Over Views Elate
Some Young Old Usefully – Acrostically
Starting at ME then you’ll need
To read the start of lines to see
is exactly what I mean
Do you get it?


Manger the mic watch we take it away
Hark now hear got something to say
Triple H slay “I.Khan beats”
Keep cyphers bright like lights on trees
More hype than seeds on Christmas Eve
Please keep “JC” in festivities
Reason for the season “real facts”
Our “Christmas Rap” have “Kurtis Blow clap

Chase March

Time to wax ecstatic on a track
Like little toy trains coming in gift rap
The best holiday jams are not the ones on tap
And my favourite tradition is not piling up the scraps
And ripping through the paper to see where it’s at
Rather just get together and that’s that
As I get older, my wish list gets smaller
So bring good spirits and cheer, now let’s holler

Merry Christmas Everyone!