NEW MUSIC – Refine Your Craft ft Sadat X

It’s World Teacher’s Day and we are celebrating it like we do every year, by releasing new music. This one is an anthem about trial and error entitled “Refine Your Craft” by Hip Hop HeadUcatorz featuring Sadat X.

It’s a honour to be part of this crew of teachers who practice all the elements of hip-hop. We even bring the culture into our classrooms. Linking with the legendary golden-era emcee, Sadat X, of Brand Nubian, is a dream come true for us as well.

We hope you enjoy the track. We have a lot more music coming at you soon. Look for our debut album early next year.

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Refine Your Craft Lyrics


Ill drummer drumming
Headucatorz coming through and
If you got dope lyrics you control the movement
If I see something wack in here I remove it
I micromanage tracks and it’s more for my amusement
Rhyme pollutant, stand in the sun, skin translucent
Edit these rhymes/ perfect flows/ make improvements
Careful adjustments/ the same thing I teach my students
My words flow over drum beats like they’re fluids


Practice makes improvement
Masters remain students
Map then aim ya movement
Tap in brain stay rooted
Graph strengths then play to it
Hat trick games conclusion
Match stick flame ebullient
HeadUcatorz ain’t truant


What’s going on?
I hate hearing, sir that I’m already done
And there’s nothing I can do. Why bother? I’m just slow and dumb.
Don’t be rude! Cuz your attitude could smoothen out refinement
Jagged edge catches feelings every time that we ask “why kid?”
Just define it. Or rewind it.
Take a sec to inspect the line quick.
Without edits there’s no credit for Hail Mary Plays to bet with.
So WOoo
better make that choice and move on
Satisfaction without action is a lasting past abstraction.
What? WOoo
Finalize that choice and move on
And Realize no race was won
Beginning with a false start at the run


We gets meticulous
This is how we living this
Everyday building the craft to grow giftedness
This is how we living this
Everyday building the craft
Come be our witnesses


Ay yo, 16 bars, keep the car running
I’m seen in real time
If you don’t refine your craft
You in past tense and it’ll all come out in the rinse
Why rap if you ain’t special
Always being a passenger
Riding shotgun is regular
Me I aspire
Plus my footprints can’t be followed
This rap thing is swallowed and regurgitated
And as I previously stated
I wouldn’t mind being an architect
But in a sense, I am
You supposed to always spot out a scam
You get nothing for nothing, remember that
When I was first born that first December
My pops told me that
I wear many hats and only write things I witness
Are you for real, yo
Are you getting this?
Don’t waste my jewels
Know this and what they teach you in schools
And remember peace is the absence of confusion
I’mma leave this in the air



Call it process, gotta make some progress
Rhymes like a goddess, but wait I digress
Wanna move for success? It’s work I confess
Only way to impress? Gotta strive for finesse
I be writin’ n scratchin’ n writin’ over them
Til the right thoughts n rhymes be flowin’ out my pen
Turn em over my tongue then change ‘em up n then
Spit them words off the page, drop it like a gem


My first attempt at it was the best it’ll ever be
Never gonna top that so I’ll quit right now and move on comfortably
Clearly top pedigree don’t even try to argue the
Finer facts, time to relax, no looking back, see
I’m not for falling or failing cause that’s ridiculous
Except it isn’t it’s pretty much required
Stoking the fire to make it higher fueled by passion and desire
Never letting anything slow me down and stay defiant


Practice makes perfect? (Nah) Practice makes progress
I might be from Philly cause I’m trying to trust the process
Don’t call me silly ‘cause I keep the rhymes honest
Do whatever it takes to get better that’s who Jon is
After your work pause for self reflection
Better than the last time? That’s more impressive!
Being myself! (All the time) No time for poor impressions
The tortoise always wins in the end – that’s the best win

Production: I.Khan
Remix Production: Chase March
Lyrics: The Apologette, Chase March, Jon Corbin, MikeAll, Sadat X, Tigz, Wizekrak

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