October 2013

  • The Word is Bond Haunted Rap Radio Hour

    There are some great Halloween-themed rap songs. The first one I ever heard was “The Haunted House of Rock” by Whodini. I was so captivated by this record for a number of reasons. Number 1, the artwork is absolutely gorgeous. Number 2, it’s a bright fluorescent green. Another unusual thing about it is that it’s […]

  • How to Set Up Your Music Class

    This is my music classroom. As you can see, I keep a clear aisle down the middle of the room. This is especially important when I need to go help a student with an instrument problem. I set up the chairs to form three rows of five on either side of the room. Each row […]

  • The Borg and The Cybermen Join Forces

    The most evil enemy in the Doctor Who universe finds a way to crossover into the Star Trek universe. That’s right, the Borg and the Cyberman have joined forces and that is bad news for the crew of the Enterprise and the entire universe. Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who – Assimilation 2: […]

  • Bob McMullen Linear Trail

    The Bob McMullen Linear Trail is located in the village of Preston in the city of Cambridge, Ontario and it is a great place to get out, get some exercise, and commune with nature. I like the historical and geographical information posted here. It is always nice to have some idea about what I am […]

  • Create Radio Plays in Your Classroom

    This is one of my favourite activities to do in the classroom. The first thing I do is introduce my students to the genre of Old Time Radio. I want them to understand that before television and movies, we could listen to all sorts of programs on the radio. I share with them some of […]

  • Comic Book Television: Phase 3

    It’s so refreshing to see comic book inspired television hitting the airwaves with quality writing and production. We are now in a third phase of this trend, and I really hope that this one proves to be more effective than the last one. No Ordinary Family was a great show that grounded superheroes in a […]

  • Hip-Hop History Month is Every Month

    Welcome to Know Your History, your monthly dose of hip-hop knowledge. It’s hip-hop history month every month here on the program as we dive deep into topics that explore this rich, cultural history in detail. I’m your host, Chase March, and this is Episode 35 of the program. Thanks for tuning in. Remember you can […]

  • Chasing Content – October 2007

    A classic is a classic, whether it be an old sports car or an old blog post. Let’s not let the great content here on Silent Cacophony be forgotten. That’s why it’s time for a bonus edition of Chasing Content! Read all of the posts from October 2007 or just these classics. Commonplace Book # […]

  • Long Range Plan Template

    I am in the process of writing my Long Range Plan for the new school year. I divide the document up into 5 sections. 1. Affective Goals I want my students to learn a lot more than the curriculum. As such, my three goals for this section have not changed over the past several years. […]

  • Latest Daredevil Finds

    Here are the latest additions to my ever-growing Daredevil Collection. This costume first appeared in the first volume of Daredevil comics and was seen in issues 319 – 344. It was designed by D.G.Chichester and Scott McDaniel. It had armour and billy clubs attached to Daredevil’s forearm. This action figure comes with an exploding grappling […]