Latest Daredevil Finds

Here are the latest additions to my ever-growing Daredevil Collection.

Daredevil figurine

This costume first appeared in the first volume of Daredevil comics and was seen in issues 319 – 344. It was designed by D.G.Chichester and Scott McDaniel. It had armour and billy clubs attached to Daredevil’s forearm. This action figure comes with an exploding grappling hook instead.

Daredevil Squinkies Toy

Squinkies are miniature figures that come in small clear globes. I was excited to see that Daredevil was included in this package. And even better, it was in the clearance section of the toy store.

But wait, it gets better.

Of the three mystery figures included, I also got Daredevil’s arch-nemesis Bullseye. Pretty cool, eh?

Superhero Squinkies

And I found this older Daredevil action figure in a loose toy bin at a comic book convention earlier this summer.

Daredevil Action figure

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