Chasing Content – October 2007

A classic is a classic, whether it be an old sports car or an old blog post.

Let’s not let the great content here on Silent Cacophony be forgotten. That’s why it’s time for a bonus edition of Chasing Content!

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or just these classics.

Commonplace Book # 7

I don’t know why but I haven’t updated my Commonplace Book in quite some time. I have close to 500 quotations in it right now and I love them all. It’s time I got back into the habit of sharing these.

Rap Music Got Me Reading a Classic

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a book that is referenced in hundreds of rap songs. I got curious and read it. And it was really great!

Best Concerts Ever

I don’t have to update this list. It is still completely on point. I love seeing music live and hopefully will add to this list soon. But for now, theses are still the best concerts I have ever attended. Maybe I should add Kelly Clarkson to the list though.

Fantastic Grade 4

I love this collaborative door art that my Grade 4 class made. I should do something similar this year with my Grade 7 class.

Where are the Parents?

This was a bit of a rant of the lack of parental involvement in public education. I need support from home to do my job effectively. Please click through, read my thoughts, and leave a comment letting me know what you think.

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!