Bob McMullen Linear Trail

The Bob McMullen Linear Trail is located in the village of Preston in the city of Cambridge, Ontario and it is a great place to get out, get some exercise, and commune with nature.

I like the historical and geographical information posted here. It is always nice to have some idea about what I am heading into during on my explorational runs.

I knew that the trail ran for 3.2 kilometers when I started my run and I planned on running the entire thing for a nice 6 kilometer route.

I’m not sure why I love small bridges like this but I do. Every great running spot seems to have one or two.

The view was beautiful. I had to stop and snap a picture of it.

The confluence of the Grand and Speed Rivers provides panoramic views and excellent bird watching opportunities. Species sighted include the Great Blue Heron, Osprey, numerous ducks, Red-Tailed Hawk, and the occasional Bald Eagle. from Cambridge website.

I’m not from Cambridge so I wasn’t familiar with Bob McMullen. This plaque is a great monument to his legacy. I am glad that people like Bob have given us great trails like this one.

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