November 2009

Be Kind Today

November 13, 2009

Please remember to be kind today. After all it is World Kindness Day. The fact that we even need such a day is awfully telling. The world is often not a kind place. Yet, it can be. And it all starts with YOU. That’s right, YOU. No one else can [Keep Reading]

Take a Moment

November 11, 2009

I never understood the phrase “Lest We Forget.” To me, “lest” looks too much like “let’s” and of course, “Let’s forget” is something that we never want to do. I was glad that we had some [Keep Reading]

Reclaimed My Name

November 8, 2009

Silent Cacophony was born a long, long time ago. It was originally a title of a book I tried to write when I was a teenager. So I knew when I started blogging that it just had to be the title of my blog as well. It just made so much sense. It also [Keep Reading]

Cale Sampson Interview Part 3

November 6, 2009

In between Part 2 and Part 3 of this interview I had a really hard time reading my messy scribbles otherwise known as interview notes. We had just played a song called “Never Had a Choice” but with my writing it looked like is said “Chance” [Keep Reading]

Cale Sampson Interview Part 2

November 5, 2009

Chase: “How ya doing Cale?” Cale Sampson: “I’m doing great, man. Thanks very much for having me on the show. I really appreciate it. DOPEfm is solid radio show that’s been around for a long time. I got much love for you guys. I’m really [Keep Reading]

Cale Sampson Interview

November 4, 2009

Last month, I had the honour of interviewing Toronto’s own Cale Sampson. I have transcribed the interview here but you can also catch the whole thing as a podcast at the DOPEfm page. Thanks to Daddy J for helping to set this interview up and [Keep Reading]

Teaching Tip Tuesday – Mark Book

November 3, 2009

It is very important to have an organized record of the marks you assign your students. Marks are a personal matter and should not be written down in your Day Book. That’s why it is important to keep a separate Mark Book. I use a sheet just [Keep Reading]
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