Reclaimed My Name

Silent Cacophony was born a long, long time ago. It was originally a title of a book I tried to write when I was a teenager. So I knew when I started blogging that it just had to be the title of my blog as well. It just made so much sense. It also seemed like I owned the phrase because I had never heard anyone else say it. In fact, cacophony is not even a commonly used word.

So last year when I Googled the term, I was really surprised to find that other people online were using the term. Not only that, but I was third in line.

This is what I wrote in January 2008,

I don’t know if I can change the search results so I can be first in every search engine.

I want this blog to be the REAL SILENT CACOPHONY but I guess I might have to settle for sharing it with others. Too bad!

Well today I Googled “Silent Cacophony” again and it seems that I have earned that number one spot. I’ve jumped the queue and I couldn’t be happier. If you search for “Chase March” the first several hits you get are all me as well. This is awesome!

In order to celebrate, I thought I would organize the posts I wrote when I first stumbled across my old notebook that first spawned the title and the idea for this blog.

This original Silent Cacophony book was going to be the ultimate guide to life; boy was I naïve. It was full of personal observations, stories, anecdotes, commentary, etc. It was quite effectively everything that my blog is today, except that it was on paper.

When I found that long lost book, I typed up what I had written so I could share it with you. Here are those entries for you to enjoy again.

The Original Silent Cacophony. Enjoy!

1) The First Silent Cacophony
2) What is This?
3) Possible Titles
4) Quotes and Questions
5) Time for Dead Seriousness
6) Time is Like Ink
7) A Page Burns
8) Work It In
9) Welcome to the SC
10) My First Post