The Law of the Universe

There are some universal laws that are so simple and easy to understand that they often get lost. These laws have been written down time and time again but they have sometimes been misinterpreted. Universal laws are broken every day…

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Writing Helps

Writing is probably one of the most amazing tools that we have. I was reminded of this last month. I was at a really low place in my life. I was feeling depressed and miserable. I couldn’t figure a way…

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Scary New Territory

I don’t know why but I find it hard to write short fiction. For me, it seems a lot easier to write a novel than a short story. So I find myself in some scary new territory as I try…

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Teaching Tip Tuesdays – Music Class

Music doesn’t need to be a scary subject to teach. You don’t have to be a musician. You don’t have to be a good singer. You don’t have to have any talent or passion to teach it to your students….

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Doors Open

Last month, I was given the key to the city, sort of speak. It was the annual Doors Open event in London, Ontario. I was able to visit 9 different tourist attractions and sites of interest. Here are a few…

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No Homework Please

This is the news article that has been the topic of much discussion today. A family in Calgary has won the right for their children not to be assigned daily homework. I think this is an amazing thing. I…

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Meet the Author

Last night I met an author. She came to my neighbourhood library to talk about her writing and to read some excerpts of her work. Her name is Barbara Haworth-Attard. I love how she told us that she had always…

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Teaching Tip Tuesday – Song Maps

This is the song map that I created to teach my class the song “Yellow Submarine.” I love using song maps because it teaches that music can be written down and read. This image is read just like you would…

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An Extra U, A Weird Q, A Strange S, and a Zed

I love the colour of our currency but sometimes I write a cheque. I like going to the Recreation Centre but we just call it the Rec. I practise my strokes and analyze my technique to get efficient and speedy…

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Cale Sampson Interview and Podcast

Last month, I had the chance to interview Toronto emcee Cale Sampson. I transcribed the interview and laced it with some YouTube videos but at the time of the posting, we had some technical difficulties getting the podcast up. Well,…

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