The Governor is a Monster

The Walking Dead TPB Volume 8

The Walking Dead: Volume 8 – Made to Suffer

The Governor launches an all-out war against the small band of survivors who have built themselves a home and safe community in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

The band manages to hold their own for a little while, but there are casualties on both sides. Things turn tragic and the prison becomes a home that they need to abandon.

The Walking Dead Vol 9-Here We Remain

The Walking Dead: Volume 9 – Here We Remain

In the after-math of the war for the prison, the survivors find themselves separated once again. Rick falls ill and his son, Carl is left to his own devices. It’s a powerful way to start off this edition of the on-going series and it gets quite heart-wrenching

The survivors come back together and meet up with another small group. These new survivors are heading for Washington and one of them claims that when they get there, he will be able to set things straight. He has classified information about how the zombie menace started and what can be done about it scientifically.

They join forces and start their journey towards Washington.

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