• Stargirl – Perfect Television

    I have been saying for years that Stargirl is the best superhero show on television. It blew me away from the first episode three years ago and I didn’t even wait for the first series to be over before I declared it my new favourite show. At the end of the first season, I added […]

  • Green Lantern Season Two

    Green Lantern Season Two: Volume 1 and 2 I don’t know what it is exactly, but Green Lantern has been in a lull for a little while now when it comes to the comics. I couldn’t even remember reading Season One when I picked up these two graphic novels from the public library. That’s mostly […]

  • Star Trek Finally Gets Its Final Season

    Star Trek – Year 5 Star Trek is one of the most iconic television shows of all time. When it debuted in 1966 it changed the scope of popular culture and took science fiction to brand new frontiers. The show was intended to run for five years and detail the entire mission of its cast […]

  • Naomi Season One (Just Read the Book)

    Okay, this is confusing. This graphic novel is called “Season One” but it predates the television series that premiered this year. I saw it at the library this week and thought it was worth a shot. It had to be better than the tv show, but that wasn’t saying much. The first episode of Naomi […]

  • Library Graphic Novel Haul

    The public library is a great place to read comics for free. Here is my latest haul from the local branch. Justice League – Future State This collection seems a little disjointed. It starts off with a two-part story featuring The Flash and the jumps to an Aquaman tale that doesn’t seem connected to it. […]

  • Venom Shines in Black

    Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s run on Venom has come to an end with the spectacular 200th issue of the comic. The cool thing is that you don’t have to read 200 issues to catch up. Their tenure in the comics started three years ago and spanned 35 issues and a few crossover events. The last issue […]

  • The Immortal Hulk is Incredible

    The Immortal Hulk is the new on-going comic book series that offers a fresh new take on the character. In this story world, Bruce Banner doesn’t simply turn in to the Hulk when he gets angry; the Hulk only appears at night. And if Bruce happens to die during the day, the Hulk still comes […]

  • The Green Lantern – Season 1

    As far as binge-reading goes, this one wasn’t nearly as involved as my last few deep dives in to Green Lantern comics. This one spans 12 issues of the title plus a three-issue mini-series. The Green Lantern: Volume 1 – Intergalactic Lawman The Green Lantern: Volume 2 – The Day The Stars Fell Green Lantern […]

  • Comics & Graphic Novels

    I love reading comic books and graphic novels. This section of the blog is all about the different books I have read and any other related thoughts on sequential art.

  • Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps

    Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps I just binge-read this entire series over the course of two weeks. Vol 1 – Sinestro’s Law (2017) Vol 2 – Bottled Light (2017) Vol 3 – Quest for the Blue Lanterns (2017) Vol 4 – Fracture (2018) Vol 5 – Twilight of the Guardians (2018) Vol 6 […]