May 2008

One Story

May 16, 2008

Some people believe that there is truly only one story. This story is told over and over again but it is essentially the same story all the time. Sure the settings and characters change. The details change enough that we can have an unlimited amount [Keep Reading]

A Marshmallow Term

May 15, 2008

Today bloggers everywhere will be writing posts on the topic of human rights. It is such a broad term with so many different interpretations. As such, I wasn’t sure how to tackle this subject until I caught Mark Steyn on The Hour last week. He [Keep Reading]

Parents Need to Act to Like It

May 14, 2008

I’ve been working with kids for a long time and I’ve seen some things that make me want to cry. It really hurts to see a kid put in the middle of a battle between parents. The kids are used to fuel the battle or hurt the other parent. Sometimes [Keep Reading]

Fuel For Our Bodies

May 13, 2008

I think it is absolutely ridiculous that we are even considering putting food sources into our gas tanks. There are starving people in the world. We should be growing crops to help feed people. Biofuels just don’t make sense. There are current [Keep Reading]


May 12, 2008

Media formats change, that’s a given. I’ve gone though quite a few different formats in my short life and I am sure this process will continue for some time. Video wise; I have moved from the Beta to a VCR to a DVD player. Music wise; I have [Keep Reading]

Running Club

May 9, 2008

I started up a running club this week. I was hoping to get kids at my school excited about running. I tried it last year but didn’t have much success with it. I wanted it to be something that everyone could come out to. I designed a small loop in [Keep Reading]

In The Beginning There Was Story

May 8, 2008

According to the Gospel of John, in the beginning there was The Word and The Word was good. What does John mean by “The Word?” Some people have chosen to interpret The Word as just a metaphor for God. They equate The Word with God as if they are [Keep Reading]

Spread The Net

May 7, 2008

I bought a mosquito net today. It only cost $10.00 and hopefully it will save a life. It is a small thing that everyone can do. People die everyday from Malaria caused by mosquito bites. A simple bed net can make a big difference. The nets bought [Keep Reading]

The Best Comic Books

May 6, 2008

In response to a comment from last week’s post on comics, I have compiled a short list of comics that are definitely worth reading. Many of these titles can be found at your public library in the Graphic Novel section. This is how I discovered [Keep Reading]

First Draft Done

May 5, 2008

I finished the first draft of my novel last week. It clocks in at 233 pages and is 76,305 words long. I was aiming for 80,000 – 100,000 words so I came pretty close. When I write, I let the story just come out naturally. It’s like a journey and [Keep Reading]
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