Fuel For Our Bodies

I think it is absolutely ridiculous that we are even considering putting food sources into our gas tanks. There are starving people in the world. We should be growing crops to help feed people. Biofuels just don’t make sense.

There are current food shortages in the world. The prices of food staples have been rising. This could be related to the pressure to come up with alternative fuel sources. It is more profitable to grow crops to be used for fuel than it used to sell those same crops for food. We need to do something about this.

Instead of subsidies being offered to those willing to grow food products to be used for fuel, we should be offering them incentives to grow food for human consumption.

I think the current fear mongering is creating new problems. It seems like everyday the media is trying to scare us about something. People are trying desperately to change things just for the sake of change. And while I agree that we need to do some to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, it is obviously clear that biofuels are not the answer. They are creating more problems than they are solving. People need to wake up to this fact and come up with something else.

If we are going to use food products for fuel, it should only be waste. Remember Doc Brown’s modification to the Delorean in Back to the future? That’s what we need. Oh yeah, and I’m still waiting for hoverboards too.

5 responses to “Fuel For Our Bodies”

  1. hoverboards would be cool, would u need a license or something to drive or to even have a board? You should invent something like that get famous, make alot of money, and then get the girls lol don’t forget us little people lol or no I’ll make it so I can get famous get the money and then get the hot guys and then get my dream car besides the trans am I have always wanted a older model mustang. But any way the hoverboard is a neat idea!!!

  2. Chase,

    I completely agree with you. Food should never be used to power cars whilst there are people starving in the world.

    It’s also important to remember that it’s because of global warming (caused by using cars) that so many people in the world are going hungry, unable to grow food because of the increasing volatile climate.


  3. Hi Chase,

    You do being up an excellent point.

    Not only do we need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, we need to find ways to utilize that which we have and waste.

    I recently saw a story of how some are using the methane gases that dumps emit to generate electricity. It makes me wonder why that’s not a mandatory procedure. Obviously it would reduce green house gases that are being released into the atmosphere.

    BTW: Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I’m subscribing to yours so I can read more of your past articles.

  4. Hi Barbara. Thanks for your comments. You raise some good points. I have read several of your posts and really enjoy your writing. I will add you to my Blogs to Check list. Thanks!

    Hi David. You are right. We need to try and cut down on the use of our cars. I know that we can’t totally eliminate them from our lives but driving to the corner store and things like that are something that we can longer afford to do.

  5. There is plenty of food available in the world, but in almost every instance where famine prevails, it is the result of evil people being in charge of the suffering country, who don’t give a darn about their people.

    Zimbabwe, for example.

    Democracies rarely experience famine.