Parents Need to Act to Like It

I’ve been working with kids for a long time and I’ve seen some things that make me want to cry. It really hurts to see a kid put in the middle of a battle between parents. The kids are used to fuel the battle or hurt the other parent. Sometimes the kids aren’t even given a thought. I’m sure if they were, the parents wouldn’t carry on as they do. I think it’s time for all parents to start acting like parents.

I realize that relationships often fail for a variety of reasons. This may be inevitable. Not all relationships are going to work. But parents have a huge responsibility. They need to push past any pain and hurt they have towards their former partner. They need to realize that children need their parents and they don’t need any drama between them.

So, I am appealing to all parents right now. If you are going through a divorce, please stop and think about all the things that it entails. You might be hurt. You might want to get back at your former partner. I can understand that feeling, and it’s okay to feel that way. But for the sake of your children, it is not okay to act that way.

You loved your spouse once. You had to. Think back to that moment. Feel it again. And if your spouse is making it hard for you to remember that, do it anyway. Hold on to an old memory that you have. Keep it close to your heart. And be the bigger person.

Parents that are no longer together are still parents. Children need their parents. And yeah, it is unfair that you are forced to have a relationship with your ex for the rest of your life. But grow up. Manage this responsibility. Your children need you both. As such, you should be able to be civil and friendly with each other. It might be difficult. You may have to bite your tongue. But you can do it. Think of all that is at stake.

If you are a parent, be a parent. Act like one. And let the children enjoy both of their parents with no hostility in the way. It’s the right thing to do.