Spread The Net

I bought a mosquito net today. It only cost $10.00 and hopefully it will save a life. It is a small thing that everyone can do.

People die everyday from Malaria caused by mosquito bites. A simple bed net can make a big difference. The nets bought from this website are sent to sub-Sahara Africa. The organization’s goal is to 500,000 bed nets.

We are lucky to live where we live and have access to all sorts of medical supplies and drugs to deal with any problems that arise from an insect bite or sting. Children in Africa don’t have the resources we have. A bed net is a simple thing that will have huge impact on their lives.

Rick Mercer promoted this organization on his show this year and there have been ads on TV for a few weeks now. Children die every single day from something as simple as a mosquito bite. It isn’t right. And we can do something about it.

I bought a net today. It’s a small thing but small things can make a huge difference. So much so that I don’t believe that there are any small things.

Go to spreadthenet.org to help out too.

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