Visual Running Tours

I love finding new places to run. I often take my camera along with me and stop every few minutes to snap a picture. This way I can present you with a photographic story that captures the scenery of my run.

This post will serve as a table of contents page for these Visual Running tours. You can bookmark this page as I will continue to update this list every time I post up a new visual tour.

I hope you enjoy these Visual Tours of my trail runs. I’ve certainly enjoyed bringing them to you and hope to update this list soon.

Beamer Memorial Conservation Area – Grimsby, Ontario

Beverly Swamp – Flamborough, Ontario

Carolinian Trail – Pinery Provincial Park, Ontario

Clark Wright Conservation Area – Middlesex County

Coldstream Conservation Area – Ilderton, Ontario

Dirt Runway – Northern Ontario

Dorchester Mill Pond – Dorchester, Ontario

Dundas Valley – Hamilton, Ontario

Farm Trail – Binbrook, Ontario

Komoka Conservation Area – Komoka, Ontario

LaFarge 2000 Trail – Flamborough, Ontario

Lambeth Centennial Park – Lambeth, Ontario

Marguerite Omston Trailway: Walter Bean Grand River Trail – Kitchener, Ontario

Marsh Trail at Rondeau Provincial Park – Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Meadowlilly Woods – London, Ontario

Medway Valley  – London, Ontario

Moffat Creek – Cambridge, Ontario

Niagara Escarpment – Grimbsy, Ontario

Pinafore Park – St. Thomas, Ontario

Princess Point – Hamilton, Ontario

Red Hill Valley – Hamilton, Ontario

Southpoint Trail at Rondeau Provincial Park – Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Spicebush Trail at Rondeau Provincial Park – Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Springbank Park: Terry Fox Parkway – London, Ontario

Stoney Creek of The Thames – London, Ontario

Tulip Tree Tail at Rondeau Provincial Park – Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Warbler Woods – London, Ontario

Waterfront Trail  – Grimbsy, Ontario

Westminster Ponds – London, Ontario