Raise Your Voice and Redefine Radio

I have spent countless hours producing segments and shows for radio and television over the years. I do so because I enjoy having a voice and contributing to my community.

Community radio is valuable because it gives us something that mainstream radio doesn’t. Commercials are kept to a minimum and sometimes, other than PSA spots and station identification notices you get straight music. Community radio isn’t handcuffed with mandatory playlists. This means that the DJs play and share music that they love.

I absolutely love that I have landed on radio. I hope you’ve had a chance to listen to the overnight show that we do each and every week. In this day and age, you can be well outside the reception area and still tune in. You don’t even have to listen live. You can subscribe and download the podcasts. It’s a bright new age for community radio.

We do need your help though.

93.3 CFMU has 150 people who help bring you the great programming that we are able to bring to you. The radio station is based out of McMaster University and almost completely relies on volunteers. The station only has 2 full-time staff and 5 part-timers. The rest of us give our own time to make our shows the best that we possibly can.

The operating budget of the station is miniscule. Our yearly budget is a fraction of what commercial stations pay for advertising alone.

That’s why we need you help.

Raise Your Voice is our annual fundraising drive. Daddy J and I got on the air and asked for your pledge money on the weekend. The phones rang and we were able to raise some much-needed money for the station. Thanks to everyone who called us up to make a pledge.

We had callers from as far away as New Brunswick and Pennsylvania, I want to personally thank Windchill for calling in to make a pledge. We’ve had him on the show for an interview recently and have been his spinning tracks for years now. He appreciates what we do and showed his appreciation with a donation.

I hate to ask for money in this day and age. I know that times are tough. But this money doesn’t go to me or Daddy J, it goes to the radio station so that we can continue to bring you great programming.

If you’ve ever downloaded an interview, a Know Your History episode, or mix-set that we’ve done, if you’ve ever checked out the archives or listened live, please consider donating some money.

Every little bit counts.

To donate, you can call (905) 529-9888 anytime this week. Please tell the phone operator that you are a listener of DOPEfm online and want to make a donation in the name of our show. You can also earn some incentive prizes such as T-shirts, CDs, and gift cards. So please give us a call.

or you can donate via PayPal from our website.

It’s pledge week and it’s the only week that we bug you for your money. Every other week of the year, we just play music, air segments and interviews, and have fun. I hope our show is worth a few dollars and a moment of your time.


2 responses to “Raise Your Voice and Redefine Radio”

  1. Hey Gamma Krush,

    Good to see you here. I hope I was able to raise some money so we can continue to do the show. I'm having so much fun with it.