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  • Campus Radio is a Jewel for the Community

    As you know, I have a radio show on 94.9 CHRW. I just celebrated the 200th episode of the show and I couldn’t have done it with the support of Western University and the airwaves on which to broadcast. My show has given me access to all sorts of musicians and celebrities. I have interviewed […]

  • Word is Bond Rap Radio’s 3rd Anniversary Show

    Word is Bond Rap Radio celebrated its 3rd Anniversary last week with a very special live show at the radio station. We kicked off the program with a mixset by Teck-Zilla of The Word is Bond. He spun a bunch of “Word is Bond” songs. 1. Teck-Zilla Mixset Zhane – My Word is Bond Joey Bada$$ […]

  • Word is Bond Rap Radio – 3rd Anniversary Party

    My radio show celebrates its 3rd Anniversary on Monday and I am planning a huge party for the broadcast. I am going to have some very special guests in the studio. And you are invited. Please check the Facebook Event to RSVP and find out more. If you are an artist, you can jump in […]

  • Rap Radio Shines Worldwide!

    I love listening to hip-hop radio. Here is a quick guide to the show I listen to on a regular basis. They are in alphabetical order by title. And I guarantee that each one delivers quality music by dedicated DJs who respect independent and underground artists. This is where real hip-hop lives. Tune in and […]

  • All Women’s Voices Day on 94.9 CHRW

    In just a few hours, 94.9 CHRW is kicking off All Women’s Voices 2014. Starting at midnight TONIGHT, CHRW will be taken over by women for 24 hours! We have some great programming featuring music, talk, documentary, discussion, and of course hip-hop! I have produced a special for this radio event that airs from 6:00 to 6:30 […]

  • Access: DJ Z of DJ Booth

    DJ Z has a really interesting history, from being a campus radio DJ, to working in commercial radio, to helping build DJ Booth into one of the premiere music spaces on the Internet. We caught up with him for one of our special Access segments on 91.5 WPRK in Winterpark, Florida. And through the wonders […]

  • Raise Your Voice and Redefine Radio

    I have spent countless hours producing segments and shows for radio and television over the years. I do so because I enjoy having a voice and contributing to my community. Community radio is valuable because it gives us something that mainstream radio doesn’t. Commercials are kept to a minimum and sometimes, other than PSA spots […]

  • Call to Action

    This is a notice from the Save Internet Radio Campaign. Please read this and help to save the best radio on the planet. Thanks, IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED FOR THURSDAY, JULY 12TH Greetings, Time and options are running out for Internet Radio. Late this afternoon, the court DENIED the emergency stay sought on behalf of webcasters, […]

  • Save Net Radio

    The future of Internet radio is in danger. I am not sure what I can do to save it, except announce why I value Internet radio and ask you to join me in my support of the “Internet Radio Equality Act,” introduced by Reps. Jay Inslee (D-Wash.) and Don Manzullo (R-Ill.). I tried to put […]

  • Recognizing Talent

    On the weekend, I saw a television show called Songwriter’s Circle. It featured Chantal Kreviazuk and a few other musicians. It was an interesting to show to watch because every song that she sang I recognized. I haven’t really paid any attention to this artist. I couldn’t tell you the name of any of her […]