Possible Titles

This is the second excerpt from my recently discovered lost work. This is the second page of the coil notebook and it shows a brainstorming session as I try to come up with a title for it. Well, here it is in its entirety.


I smell a rat. Literature. U ARE A LITE RAT. I don’t get it. Neither do I, or me, Hey wait I’m the only one with a pen. I am but one, alone in the car.

WASTED INK – possible, the cool title of a book.

Ya know when ya go to the drive-in theatre, and they start the picture too early and it’s too bright. Put on sunglasses. Problem solved.

MESSY SCRIBBLES – another possible title, Nah!



THAT IS IT, BY GEORGE. THIS ISN’T BY GEORGE. IT’S BY CHASE, the author of USELESS JUNK. Sometimes, it is the right time.

Turn off that light?

5 Comments on Possible Titles

  1. Hi Chase.

    I like the way you dance with yourself in your mind. It’s like you are teasing yourself.

  2. Hi Davina,

    It kind of was a dance wasn’t it. I tend to think like that but I don’t normally write like that, at least not now.

    It also seems that I didn’t really care to use correct punctuation in this original notebook either. But I decided to remain true to my original philosophy and keep it unedited and raw.

  3. This is my favourite page Chase. 🙂
    You’re funny.


  4. Hi Chase,

    And hence, the title was born. Who knew that a title from all those years ago would follow you into today? That’s pretty cool.

  5. Thanks Silverfish and Barbara,

    I am having fun with this. I’m glad you are too.

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