Please Think Before You Tweet

Twitter is a great platform. It allows you to express yourself quickly and succinctly. You can connect with other people and share your thoughts or observations, all in less than 140 characters.

The only problem with it is that it is almost too easy. Any random thought can be quickly typed out and published.

I know I have some great thoughts that I feel I just need to blurt out. My thoughts are important. Everyone should hear them, shouldn’t they?

So I quickly type out my thought.

Before I hit “update” though, I read it over and really think about whether I want this thought out there permanently.

Sometimes the answer is no. Certain thoughts are better left unsaid or unTwittered.

I think some people really need to edit themselves more. Not everything should become the subject of a Twitter of Facebook update.

These social networking sites shouldn’t be random and uncensored thoughts repositories.

People really do need to think before they hit “update.”

So here is a quick test you can do before you hit “update”, “publish”, or “send”

Do I want this thought out there forever?
Is it appropriate to wear this tweet on a T-shirt?

I can see all sorts of PSA “Please think before you Tweet” Maybe we really do need such ads. People seem to have lost their common sense.