Juno Canadians

The Juno Awards were on last night to celebrate great Canadian music. It was a pretty good show. The talent that we have in this country is amazing. I enjoyed all of the live performances.

Russell Peters did a pretty good job as host. He admitted to not having seen the show before, which made him just like any other Canadian. That would be a funny joke if it weren’t so true. I don’t know why we don’t celebrate and hold up our own talent more often. We need the Juno Awards. We need programs that support and nurture talent in this country.

I like the fact that the show has been hitting the road for the past few years. One artist said last night that they are always on the road so the award show should be too. That makes sense. Last night, it was in Calgary. There was a lot of talent from Alberta there too. It was a great celebration of a province that doesn’t often get recognition for their music.

Every year, there are several awards that are given out prior to the broadcast. I always get upset when the rap award is not televised. Unfortunately, last night this was the case. However, Russell Peters managed to get some hip-hop culture into the show. I remember listening to him when he was a staple on the Mastermind Street Jam radio show every week in the late 1990’s. Well, last night he showed that even though he is making it big as a comedian lately, he still knows how to rock the turntables. He put on a nice little scratching session. Once again, something not often seen in award shows. It was great. It was nice to see him making sure that hip-hop was represented properly in the telecast. Way to go!

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  2. My class is going good, thank you. I have been having a bit of a problem with them getting their work done lately. They need lots of reminders to stay on task. I don’t think I should have to still be doing this at this time of the year. Oh well.

    I know about the weather. It’s pretty much the same here in Hamilton.

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