Don’t Blink, Here Comes 13!

Doctor Who: Tale of Two Time Lords – A Little Help From My Friends

The 13th Doctor and her companions; Graham, Ryan and Yaz, had planned to visit Woodstock but somehow the TARDIS managed to bring them back to the time when the 10th Doctor and Martha were stranded in 1969. So, not only do we get a cool crossover event, we also get to revisit one of the best episodes of the 10th Doctor’s tenure, Blink.

It’s cool to see these two Doctors working together, especially since Jodie Whittaker’s iteration owes a lot to David Tenant’s. She clearly based some of the mannerisms of her character on his, and that is understandable. I absolutely loved his portrayal of the title character and would have down the same in her shoes.

I don’t want to give away too much of the story here. Spoilers. But I will say, that there are moments that will make you laugh. It connects to a few other well known moments in modern Who lore as well.

It was great to see 10 in action again. The writers nailed his voice; I could hear it coming off the page. Brilliant stuff!

I’ll be blogging about a new Doctor Who novel tomorrow too. I’m just getting into the holiday spirit, ahead of the New Year’s Day special on TV. Can’t wait!

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