Doctor Who

  • The Ultimate Doctor Who Team Up

    Doctor Who – The Lost Dimension Vol 1 & 2 This two-part graphic novel collection is the ultimate Doctor Who team up. It features every incarnation of the Doctor in quite pivotal roles. I laughed outloud at a few of the interactions. They were brilliant! It was amazing to see the Doctor’s daughter, Jenny, once […]

  • The 13th Doctor is The Good Doctor

    Doctor Who: The Good Doctor by Juno Dawson While we have been patiently waiting for new Doctor Who adventures on our television, I have been continuing her adventures through comics and novels. In this story, The Doctor and her companions save the day and help unite the inhabitants of a planet at war. But when […]

  • Don’t Blink, Here Comes 13!

    Doctor Who: Tale of Two Time Lords – A Little Help From My Friends The 13th Doctor and her companions; Graham, Ryan and Yaz, had planned to visit Woodstock but somehow the TARDIS managed to bring them back to the time when the 10th Doctor and Martha were stranded in 1969. So, not only do we […]

  • Twelve Doctors of Christmas

    Doctor Who: Twelve Doctors of Christmas This a a collection of short stories featuring each of the first twelve Doctors. Every story is accompanied with a full-page piece of art that beautifully captures the essence of the tale. I appreciated taking another trip in the TARDIS with some of my favourite Doctor / Companion teams. […]

  • The Seventh Doctor and Ace Still Travelling in Comics

    Doctor Who – The Seventh Doctor: Operation Volcano The Doctor and Ace are back with a brand new adventure that matches the tone of the classic Doctor Who series. It’s like they haven’t missed a beat from when the show went off the air in 1989. Even if you aren’t familiar with this iteration of […]

  • The Pirate Planet – The way it was Meant to be Told

    Doctor Who: The Pirate Planet by James Goss from a Douglas Adams story Douglas Adams got his first television writing credit for this story in the 16th series of Doctor Who. He had a very elaborate story in mind and left behind several drafts and notes for how he envisioned it. The four episodes that […]

  • The Ninth Doctor Still Travels with Rose

    Doctor Who – Weapons of Past Destruction I read this book a few years back when I found it at the public library and I was really impressed. It reminded me of why I used to love seeing Chris Eccleston in the role of the title character. The artwork was amazing and Cavan Scott penned […]

  • The War Doctor’s Story – Finally Told

    Engines of War by George Mann The Day of the Doctor was a movie event celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. It was an incredible experience to share with a group of fans in the cinema. If you know anything about the iconic television series, you will know that a variety of people have […]

  • Doctor Who Passes the Baton

    Doctor Who – The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor The Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors all have continuing adventures in the comics and they are about to be joined by their newest incarnation. While the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor have new, comics only, companions, the Twelfth Doctor still travels with Bill Potts. They all go […]

  • FanExpo25 Highlights

    FanExpo celebrated its 25 Anniversary this weekend and I had a blast. The Doctor Who Society always has props that you can get your picture taken with. This year, they had the Face of Boe there. So, I donned my 9th Doctor costume for this photo-op. Looks just like the episode, doesn’t it? One of […]