March 2015

Why Teachers Should Share Resources and Plans

March 10, 2015

Silvia Tolisano wrote an amazing article entitled 3 Reasons Why You Should Share and 3 Things You Can Do to Start Sharing I think she makes some great points. I have been sharing some of my best practices, resources, lessons, report card comments, [Keep Reading]

5th Annual Women in Hip-Hop Special TONIGHT

March 7, 2015

Today is International Women’s Day and we are going to celebrate it with a special edition of the radio show TONIGHT. Tune in to DOPEfm at 12:00 midnight EST straight through to 7:00 a.m. in the morning as we shine a spotlight on [Keep Reading]

Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers

March 5, 2015

Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors, & Literary Agents Publishers have rules and they can be difficult to figure out. That is why this book is such a blessing. Jeff Herman gives writers straight up advice that is easy to [Keep Reading]

Teach Like a Pirate – Day 3

March 3, 2015

Welcome to the third post in a series focusing on the methodology Dave Burgess lays out in his book, Teach Like a Pirate.  Day three, according to Burgess, is absolutely critical. It is a day where you can get the reluctant learners on board. It is [Keep Reading]
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