Why Teachers Should Share Resources and Plans

Silvia Tolisano wrote an amazing article entitled 3 Reasons Why You Should Share and 3 Things You Can Do to Start Sharing

I think she makes some great points. I have been sharing some of my best practices, resources, lessons, report card comments, and much more here on my blog for years now.

She writes that we have a Moral Imperative to Share and wish more teachers take up the mantel. Here is a video explaining exactly what that means.

I share things easily on Pinterest.

Every time, I find a resource online that I think that I would like to use in the future, I pin it to a board specific to a subject area or topic. This is a great way for me to bookmark sites and amazing educational ideas. And it only takes seconds to do.

The best part is that you can quickly scan my page, my boards, and other people’s pins with ease. You can re-pin stuff to your site so that it is all organized in one place.

Pinterest CM

I also use Twitter to share links and resources.

Twitter Favs

The only problem with Twitter is that posts get buried fairly quickly. If you want to save tweets for easy access later, you need to click on the star to mark them as a favourite.

I use Twitter for a lot of things outside of the educational realm as well. I really enjoy the platform and how easy it is to connect with other people.

I also use my blog to share teaching resources every week with this Teaching Tip Tuesday series! 

I do my part, do you?

Teachers helping teachers, what can be easier and more effective?

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