March 2015

  • Occasional Teacher Interviews – Getting the Job You Want

    So you want to be a teacher and you don’t have any experience in the classroom outside of what you learned in teacher’s college. Don’t worry, you can still rock that first job interview. Here are things you should think about before going to that Occasional Teacher Interview. What would you do / have you […]

  • FBP – Federal Bureau of Physics

    FBP – Federal Bureau of Physics: Vol. 1 The laws of physics that we take for granted seem to be broken. There are localized gravity failures, pockets of the city where time moves at a slower rate, and bubble dimensions. We are used to the universe abiding by predictable constants. It is a terrifying world […]

  • Batman / Superman – Cross World

    Batman / Superman: Volume 1 – Cross World by Greg Pak and Jae Lee In the DC Universe, there are all sort of parallel Earths. On one such planet, Batman and Superman have not yet met. Superman cannot even fly. He simply leaps over tall buildings and great distances. These two heroes are somehow transported […]

  • Increase the Fun Factor at School

    “Sometimes it’s OK to do things in class because it increases the fun factor and fosters positive feelings about school. “ It’s Not a Waste of Time Doing a quick game, activity, or challenge is not a waste of time. If you do such an activity, you might notice the following – students cheering on […]

  • Smallville Season 11: Chaos

    Smallville was a television series that ran for ten seasons and revolved around a young Clark Kent before he became Superman. I own every single season on DVD and really enjoyed watching it. I had no idea that the story continued in the medium of comics. My brother surprised me with the first 5 issues […]

  • An interview with BT Rockwell

    BT Rockwell is an audio engineer, producer, and author. He produced Only Built for Cuban Linx 2 by Raekwon, has worked with The Wu-Tang Clan, and has most recently wrote a novel entitled “Burn Me Up Fast.” I had the chance to interview him on my radio show. We talk about all sorts of things […]

  • March Break – Take Time to Enjoy It

    It’s March Break and it can be quite tempting to use this time to do some planning for the rest of the school year. I highly advocate leaving school completely behind for one week. Do some reading Watch movies Go on vacation (if you can afford it) Take a day trip (if you can’t) Get […]

  • Word is Bond Rap Radio’s 3rd Anniversary Show

    Word is Bond Rap Radio celebrated its 3rd Anniversary last week with a very special live show at the radio station. We kicked off the program with a mixset by Teck-Zilla of The Word is Bond. He spun a bunch of “Word is Bond” songs. 1. Teck-Zilla Mixset Zhane – My Word is Bond Joey Bada$$ […]

  • Watch for This Title on the Bookshelf

    Watch by Robert J. Sawyer This is the second book in the www trilogy. In the first book, an artificial intelligence emerges within the World Wide Web. At first, this intelligence  doesn’t know anything about itself or the outside world. A teenage girl stumbles across its existence and helps it learn and grow. The intelligence […]

  • Happy Born Day, Dad – Rest in Peace!

    Today marks the born day of my dad. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year and half since he passed away. I miss him so much! I want to honour his memory all the time. He taught me so many things and was a big influence in my life. Dad, I love you! […]